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Are You Facing These Marketing Automation Challenges?

Are You Facing These Marketing Automation Challenges?

Are you eager to kickstart your marketing automation campaigns but not quite sure where to begin?

Do you have a website where people reach out to you, but there’s no automatic follow-up happening?

Are you heavily reliant on referrals from past clients or friends to land your next paying customer, and it’s been months since your last sale?

Are you sending email newsletters, yet the revenue generated from email marketing is falling short?

Do you use a CRM system, but somehow leads are still slipping through the cracks?

Are you ready for a 4-Week Marketing Automation Workshop?

Join our 4-Week Marketing Automation Workshop and discover everything you need to know about supercharging your online sales!

Learn how to automate Landing Pages, Emails, SMS, Payments, Ads, CRM, Reports, and more using tried-and-true workflows that transform your website traffic into leads, leads into buyers, and customers into lifelong advocates.

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Here is what our course outline for the marketing automation workshop looks like::

Day 1

  • Understanding Effective Marketing Automation & How to Apply it to Your Business

Day 2

  • Choosing the Right Marketing & Sales Automation Tech Stack for Your Business

Day 3

  • Conducting Audience Research & Building Your Buyer Avatar

Day 4

  • Mapping Out Your Sales Funnel & Value Ladder Tailored to Your Business Type

Day 5

  • Crafting a Content Strategy that Encourages Customer Confidence

Day 6

  • Writing, Designing, and Building High-Converting Opt-in & Sales Landing Pages

Day 7

  • Creating Engaging Email Copy for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey to Attract, Qualify, and Keep Leads

Day 8

  • Building Your Advanced Email Automation System (Lists, Tags, and Segmentation)

Day 9

  • Setting Up and Integrating Your Marketing Automation Tech Stack with Zapier

Day 10

  • Crafting Compelling Ad Copy for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Day 11

  • Launching Your Test Ad Campaign with Google and Facebook to Attract Hundreds of Leads

Day 12

  • Learning to Measure Your Marketing Automation Campaigns and Create a Reporting Dashboard

After completing this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to construct an effective sales funnel. It’s time to get more people interested in your products or services, so you can make more money with less hustle.

We will spill the beans on some of the insider tips and tech we use in-house.

We’ll walk you through the setup and implementation process.

You’ll gain insights on how to qualify, retain, and engage leads and clients using tools like HubSpot, WordPress, Zapier, and more.

Oh, and we’re going to help you establish your very first automated customer journey!

As a special bonus, event participants will receive FREE AUTOMATION TEMPLATES, ready for import into your business, to help you attract devoted fans and boost your sales by 3X!

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