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Expertly Craft Your Landing Pages, Emails and Paid Ads' Copies In A Day with Ascension Funnel Copy Generator

So you can finally acquire repeat customers at profit and scale without the headache of figuring it all out yourself

Ascension Funnel Masterclass

What you get inside the Ascension Funnel Copy Generator


Freebie (Lead Magnet) Opt-in Page

Cheap Offer (Tripwire) Sales Page

Main Offer (Core Offer) Upsell Page

Expensive Offer (Profit Maximizer) Upsell page


Free Thing delivery email

Welcome email ( for new subscribers)

Sales campaign for the cheap offer (3 emails)

Sales campaign for a main offer (3 emails)

Sales campaign for an expensive offer (2 emails)


Freebie Opt-in Ad Copy

Cheap Offer Sales Ad Copy

Main Offer Upsell Ad Copy

Expensive Offer Upsell Ad Copy

ascension funnel

Whether you sell packaged services, coaching & consulting program or run an e-commerce store, we've got you covered

Our tool creates copy for your Freebie opt-in page, Cheap Offer sales page, Main Offer upsell page, and Expensive Offer sales page!

Plus, it creates email copy for your delivery emails, welcome emails, and sales campaigns for each offer level. And with paid ad copy for each offer.

And with paid ad copy for each offer.

Special Bonuses If You Order Now

Premium Landing Page Builder for WordPress + Design Video Tutorial

Once you generate your landing page copy, you need to build your landing pages. We will give you lifetime access to this landing page builder that comes complete with pop ups, email integration, drag and drop features? I use it to design websites that sell for my clients. Yours FREE today


AI Copywriting Software (1 Year Access)

You will get 12-month access to the AI copywriting tool to help you rewrite your copies for your landing pages, emails and adverts thatwas generated by the Ascension Funnel Copy Generator above.

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