How To Monetize Your Business Anniversary Celebration

Do you want turn Your Business Anniversary into Leads & Sales?

Here are 16 Lessons from my Business Anniversary Celebration

1. Plan 1 year ahead

2. Gather your assets: Email, Landing Page, Social Media, SMS, Paid Ads copy, and creatives, retargeting pixels and tools. 

3. Plan for unforeseen circumstances. Have a Plan B

4. Build your list in advance: organized webinars, speak at events, share free stuff, collaborate with influencers, run ads, do anything to build your list. 

Remember, no 1, plan 1 year ahead. 

That way you have a warm list.

5. Post repeatedly on social media. Post at least 3 times a day. So your content pops up again and again for people who missed the previous ones. 

6. Make AI aka ChatGPT your best friend for repurposing your content for social media, email, ads, SMS.

7. Send two emails daily to your list. One in the morning and another at noon or evening. Rotate it. But be consistent and repurpose your email content. 

8. Make sure your WhatsApp live chat is on your site to attend to customers who have questions.

9. Put a top bar across your website announcing your ANNIVERSARY SALE to website visitors. 

10. Retarget your website visitors

11. Put a countdown timer on your product page, landing page and ads. Remind people on your Telegram stories, Instagram stories and WhatsApp status. 

12. Test your emails, landing page links and payment gateway.

13. Make sure your order fulfillment and shipping is automated and working seamlessly. 

14. Prepare for angry email subscribers complaining about your incessant emails. Apologize to them and keep sending your emails.

15. Expect to lose at least 1% of your email subscribers. Focus your energy on the 99%, you are not a biblical shepherd.

16. Bear in mind that people and companies want to spend their hard earned money towards the end of the month. 

Be positioned to keep collecting it until the 30th or 31st day of the month at midnight. Don’t stop.

There you have it. 

The best time to plan your marketing funnel and automation for your business’ Anniversary

Sales campaign was a year ago. The next best time is now.

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