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How To Sell To Big Companies in Nigeria

How To Sell To Big Companies in Nigeria

If you operate in the B2B space, always run marketing campaigns that turn into appointment bookings or applications > meetings > contracts > recurring invoices.

How Companies Start Their Buying Process & Learn About Your Company:

Word of Mouth,
Google Search,
Virtual Events,
Instagram Ads,
Professional Communities on WhatsApp groups, Facebook group, Telegram groups or LinkedIn groups.

B2B companies are very meticulous in their decision-making process.

They are not like individuals buying shoes 👟 or dry fish 🐟 on Instagram.

They do thorough research via Google search, ask their professional colleagues for a referral, and attend virtual events to learn about a subject.

They even subscribe to newsletters, download whitepapers to share with their boss or colleagues, and fill out online forms asking for a discovery call.

When they get your quotation, they go and deliberate in-house.

Try to get approval from all the stakeholders involved in the decision-making process.

When approved, they ask for an SLA and invoice.

So, how positioned are you to be seen and remembered by the corporate guys during their research stage?

Here’s what I do to get big companies.



Join Professional Communities,

Speak at Networking Events,

Sales Page + Calendly Booking Form,

Post in LinkedIn Groups,

Run Facebook & Instagram Ads,

Ask current clients for referrals,

Teach a paid class,

Do paid strategy sessions.

That’s it on selling to big companies.

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