Netflix Content Hacks: Using “How To” Keywords to Build Your First 1,000 Subscribers and Buyers

So an idea came to my head that got me searching Netflix using the keyword – How to.

Here are the movies I found.

How To Become a Gangster
How To Train Your Dragon
How To Sell Drugs Online – Fast
How To Please a Woman
How To Be Single
How To Be a Tyrant
How To Fix a Drugs Scandal
How To Be a Cowboy
How To Be Really Bad
How To Deal With a Heartbreak
How To Become a Cult Leader
How To Become a Mob Boss
How To Ruin Christmas
How To Get Rich
How To Get Away With Murder
How To Rob a Bank
How To Ruin Love
How To Change Your Mind
How To Build A Sex Room
How To Get Over A Breakup

So many interesting movies, series and documentaries with the keyword – how to – in their titles.

The ‘How To’ keyword is a powerful tool for attracting people who want to learn more about a particular subject.

With this keyword alone, you can attract your first 1,000 subscribers or buyers.

I’ve achieved the above feat successfully.

What educative, entertaining, persuasive or inspiring content are you creating this week with the keyword – How To?

You can switch the ‘How To‘ with ‘How I/We/You/They/She/He’

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