Should You Pay For Website Management Service?

who manages your website who manages your website

After more than 6 hours of shutdown, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are back.

It’s good to see you again.

Twitter was hilarious last night, I had to make hot chocolate to enjoy the rib-cracking tweets and memes.

Telegram was just there. Like meh

Twitter’s CEO was busy laughing at his competition and catching cruise.

Talk about kicking your competitors when they are down in the mud.

He shouldn’t get angry when his competition laughs as his website goes down in the future.

Thank God I was preaching and stressing the importance of having a website since yesterday.

While the big 3 social networks were down, my client’s website was still selling to buyers who came via Paid Search and Organic Search traffic on Google and other traffic sources.

This Facebook server going down brings me to my next topic.

The importance of website maintenance.

Facebook had an army of engineers working night and day to keep the 3 websites running smoothly…

So when the site goes down, you shouldn’t stress yourself cos the engineers are fixing the bugs and will bring the site back up in a few hours…

But then, according to reports, Mark Zuckerberg lost $7 billion dollars from the website downtime.

This brings me to another observation I notice about most businesses that have websites.

Who is managing your website?

Most website owners think after their website is built, that is the end.

I’m sorry dear, if your brand new car can break down after a few months and needs a mechanic to fix every now and then, so does your website need a developer or website manager to manage it.

A Website manager’s job entails:

Changing content on the pages when necessary,

Create new product pages,

upload images to online stores or pages.

Whenever you are doing a product launch that sends a flood of traffic to your website, it’s your website manager’s job to ensure that the site doesn’t go down during that surge in traffic.

Do full website backup regularly in case the server goes down, you can restore.

Optimize new product pages for SEO,

fix database errors,

monitor downtime.

Monitor domain hosting renewals and alert the business owner when it’s about to expire.

Otherwise, you lose money as Mark Zuckerberg lost $7 billion dollars yesterday.

What are the benefits of good website maintenance to your business:

✅ Increase in search rankings

✅ Increase in customer inquiries

✅ Increase in new business.

✅ Zero downtime

Disadvantages of poor website maintenance:

Downtime which chases potential customers away.

I know, my clients have been there until they hired my agency to manage their website for them.

Introducing our WordPress Website Management Service.

For N150,000 per month, kiss website downtime and lost revenue goodbye.

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I work with current WordPress website owners, not people who are yet to get a website.

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