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The Pay What You Want Sale has Ended...

...But just because our sale is over doesn't mean that you still can't get a sweet deal on the playbooks you need to blow your 2024 goals out of the water!! Get instant access to our Playbooks, webinars, tactics, plus so much more.

marketing playbook bundle discount

Get it all now for just ₦36,000

You’ll get the following:

  1. Social Media Automation Using ChatGPT, Canva, Google Sheet & Content Scheduling Tool
  2. Hubspot CRM Video Tutorial
  3. How To Target Business Owners With Facebook Ads + Video Tutorial
  4. Google Ads Creation Checklist + Video Tutorial
  5. WhatsApp Sales Funnel Guide
  6. 200+ Social Media Story Prompts
  7. Inbound Sales Script For Agencies and Marketers
  8. Account Based Marketing Campaign Template for LinkedIn and Google (Script + Worksheet)
  9. Launch Email Sequence Templates
  10. Webinar Planning Checklist
  11. Landing Page Copy Template + Fillable Worksheet
  12. Ascension Funnel Copy Generator
  13. Marketing Automation Webinar

Looking for something specific? All of our trainings and services are still available for purchase on our shop here.

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