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The Ultimate Guide To A Pre Launch Waitlist Marketing Strategy

By now, you must have read my stories about the Waitlist Funnel, but you are asking yourself….

In case you missed it…

Discover how I built a pre-launch waitlist marketing strategy that got 500 people excited about it and screaming “Take My Money!” Read Full Story.

Back to current topic:

Is the Waitlist Funnel Pack right for me? 🤔

I’m going to share a few use cases for the Waitlist Funnel Pack.

But first, the definition…

What is a Waitlist Marketing Strategy?

A waitlist strategy is a way to allow people in your audience to show interest in your upcoming launch Ahead of Time.

What happens next is that they trade their contact information, usually just their first name, email address, and phone number, and sometimes a little bit more info in exchange for something valuable.

Sometimes it’s early access to the program. Other times it’s an exclusive bonus that’s only made available during the launch process to those who actually signed up for the waitlist.

But this kind of strategy works well if there is some sort of scarcity element to your offer. E.g. deadline, price hike, bonus disappearing, etc.

Now that I’ve defined what a Waitlist Marketing Strategy means, now let’s answer the question,

“Is this Waitlist Funnel the right strategy for me?”

“What ways can I use this Waitlist funnel?”

It’s right for you if…

You want to launch a product bundle sale or clearance sale.

This strategy is great for physical products like fashion, furniture, etc., and digital products like software, ebooks, online courses, etc.

You want to celebrate your company’s anniversary, birthday or milestone 🚩

Instead of begging your fans for money like Davido, why not build an irresistible offer and sell to them right at a discount?

For the company anniversary, instead of cutting a cake in the office, why not be like Jumia and organize a 10th-year anniversary sale?

I remember replicating that Jumia anniversary Waitlist funnel strategy for an Islamic fashion shop.

It was a hit. 👊

Product validation.

You want to check whether or not people will buy.

Building a list of interested buyers.

If you are tired of attracting freebie seekers to your email list, then you need the waitlist funnel to attract qualified buyer leads.

It helps your sales team/system only talk and sell to serious buyers.

Upsell, Cross Sell & Increase Lifetime Value of Customer:

Lastly, you want to convert the people on your waitlist into repeat buyers in the near future. You upsell expensive products or services to them.

Special Offer

Get the working ads, landing pages, launch plan, targeting strategies, follow up email sequences, EVERYTHING I used to acquire 500 Eager Customers, Get Referrals and Repeat Business in 2021.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You Will Access Inside The Wait List Funnel Pack:

✅ Predesigned Wait List Landing page to get interested buyers to sign up in advance

✅ Pre-written sales page copy

✅ Predesigned Sales Page

✅ Ad Copy That Converts

✅ Follow Up Email Copy That Converts

✅ Inbound SMS Script That Converts

✅ Influencer invitation script

✅ Landing Page Builder software

Total Value: =N=1,000,000

Will I get the download instantly after payment?

Yes, Straight to your inbox.

Order The Waitlist Funnel Pack

Which industry does the Waitlist Funnel Pack fit?

Training/Coaching, SaaS, Services/Packages, E-commerce.

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