Need a skilled & experienced digital marketing consultant to fix your marketing issues and grow your online business?

Hire our virtual consultant to implement evergreen marketing systems for N400,000 per month

What can we can help you with?

Website Audit & Conversion Rate Optimization

Let us take a look at your landing page, if your grandfather or child landed on it, would they understand your offering?

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

It's not just about generating and old leads, it's about generating high-quality data and then automating your outreaches.

SEO & Content Strategy

We will develop SEO and Content strategy for your website, then repurpose your content to ensure you are making the most of any organic search traffic.

Web Analytics Breakdown

Using the data you already have, we will look in-depth at the analytics to ensure that you are utilizing the correct pages to grow conversions.

Community Building & Virtual Event Management

Do you have a focused niche? It's important to create communities to nurture leads and push them through a webinar funnel and build social proof.

Paid Social and Paid Search Ads

"Paying for ads can be expensive" but, have you at least tested small scale adsets or retargeting? Can you achieve a positive ROI?

Competitor Analysis & Tracking

What are your competitors doing that you are not? What can you take and improve? That's the purpose of this competitive analysis.

Team Hiring & Staff Training

Got funds? Need help hiring? Don't have funds? Need an expert to train your marketing team to help support your growth? You're in the right place

What systems will my business have in place after 90 days of WAB Digital’s Marketing Consulting?

Long-Term Marketing & Funnel Strategy

Smart Marketing Funnel Automation

PPC Lead Generation Systems

Lead Quality & Engagement Systems

Automated Sales Systems​

Advanced ROI-Tracking​

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We Do What We Say, Hold Ourselves Accountable, Get Results Fast

Is It Time To Hire An On-demand Digital Marketing Consultant?

Common areas where you might need an experienced Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

You know that generating leads and clients is the lifeblood of your online business but you’re unhappy with the results you’re getting from your marketing strategy.
Your business needs expert actionable marketing advice on the early stages of building your website or marketing campaign.
You have a limited budget to pay for an in-house digital marketing manager, SEO specialist, copywriter, PPC Ads Specialist, website manager, and graphic designer.
You need an experienced digital marketing consultant working alongside your developer and designer to ensure that your website redesign or migration will go smoothly.
You’ve never done digital marketing before, have no idea where to start and want someone experienced to help you with that.
You don’t know why campaigns succeed or fail and want to have your PPC Ad campaigns checked for conversion issues and opportunities.

If one of these scenarios describes your needs, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk!


Digital Marketing Services FAQ

Is this digital marketing consulting right for me?

You have a high-ticket business.

You have a proven offer and a client success case study.

You hit a plateau and tried to overcome it for a few months.
You are looking for a solution that puts customer acquisition on autopilot and increase your profits and 10x your ROI.
Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant vs Digital Marketing Agency

When you hire an agency to run digital marketing campaigns for your business, you work with multiple people at a time: a salesperson, a project manager, PPC managers, graphic designer, SEO manager and content marketing specialists. You might also have multiple points of contact that can be changed at any time as agencies usually have a quick turnover rate.

When you work with an individual SEO consultant, you have a single point of contact who is always up to date with the progress of your SEO campaign. Moreover, you don’t overpay for having multiple people involved in your project simultaneously.

How long will it take to see the results?

There’s no magic timeline that will work for everyone. My goal is to bring you results as soon as possible, that’s why I’ll start with quick marketing wins that will help us move the needle for you.

I’m not sure I need Digital Marketing. Should I reach out to you?

There’s no magic timeline that will work for everyone. My goal is to bring you results as soon as possible, that’s why I’ll start with quick marketing wins that will help us move the needle for you.

Do you work only with Nigeria-based businesses?

Though I live in Lagos, I work with businesses all over the world, including the USA, UK and other countries. So if you’re not a Nigerian business, that’s ok, we can still work together.

Which industries do you specialize in?

Most of my clients are Service-based and eCommerce websites. But I work with other industries as well.

Ready To Dominate Your Market in 2022?

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