(This Is For Business Owners Who Want To Easily Gather Sales Qualified Leads & Prospects While They Sleep)

Join Companies Who Are Attracting, Engaging & Converting Their Ideal Prospects Into Clients, & Crushing Their Competition in 2021 With A Conversion-Friendly Website…

(…despite uncertainty, market conditions & dependence on limited resources.)

Here’s What Will Happen…

1. We’ll Learn About Your Business & Identify The Best Strategy For You

In this 60-minute strategy session, we will go over your business, ideal customer, decide what you should offer, and develop the best marketing strategy for your content and sales funnel.

2. We’ll Craft Your Sales Page Copy That Speaks To Your Buyer’s Pain

Using our copywriting formula, we will come up with what you should say (write) & show (image/video) in the landing pages of your dreams.

3. We’ll Design & Build The Sales Pages Of Your Dreams On Your Site

We’ll design, and create the landing pages on your site. We handle the copy and the visuals for you, so you don’t have to worry about HTML codes or calls-to-action.

4. We’ll Write and Create Your Opt-in Pages To Capture Ideal Buyer’s Data

We will create your opt-in page to ensure that you capture new leads each time someone visits your site. Whether you need a workbook, checklist, webinar presentation created, we will handle the design and setup.

5. We’ll Craft Your Email Series To Nurture Leads

After getting on your email list, your leads will get dropped into an email sequence: a series of emails to follow-up and close the sale. We will write and setup 3-5 emails in MailChimp or ActiveCampaign, so your sales process is completely automated.

6. We’ll Integrate All The Tracking Tools To Start Collecting Buyer Data

Once your funnel is setup, we track your funnel’s performance and integrate pixels (i.e. Google Analytics, Facebook & Google Ad pixels) and HubSpot CRM to help you monitor your website visitors, so you can retarget them with the right message when running ads or send follow up email.

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Why Build A Website That Sells?

Meet Ronke, Your Next Prospect…

Ronke found your company and opted into download your checklist. Over the next week, she was introduced to you and your company.

Learned valuable market data that cemented her decision to work with you, positioning you as the top authority in the space.

Engaged with your content and learned valuable insights into her “problems” that you are going to fix.

When she talked to the sales rep for the first time, she was already prepared to become a client. And all of this was automated!

Caroline Wabara

Hi, I’m Caroline Wabara

Founder at WAB Digital

  • Founder & CEO of WAB Digital
  • Consulted 100 service-based businesses in 2015 – 2020.
  • Igbo Language Arts & Education Background
  • Trained & mentored in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Featured by TechHER.

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