Content Repurposing Service


Every month, give us your old piece of content and we will turn it into:

  • 2 Blog Posts
  • 2 Email Newsletters
  • 16 Social Media Captions for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • 8 Social Media Graphics

Content Repurposing Service Package includes:

  • Automated, monthly monitoring and reporting
  • Initial phone consultation (30 min) to discuss your needs and best action plan
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Monthly phone consultation with your Social Media Strategist
  • You can cancel any plan at any time

With our signature done-for-you content repurposing service, all you need to do is send us a piece of website, audio or video content, and we will take care of the rest!

We’ll rework your landing page, video or audio content so it’s appropriate for new channels – like your blog, email list, and social media.

How Content Repurposing Service Works:

1. Text or Video or Audio Content

We’ll start with a piece of website, video or audio content that you’ve produced. This could be a website landing page, YouTube video, Facebook Live, or private video link you send us. This will be our base from which we’ll begin repurposing your content!

2. Blog Post

Once you send us your website’s landing page, audio or video content, we’ll work my magic and repurpose it into an engaging blog post for your audience (the word count will depend on the length of the audio or video clip you send us).

3. Email Newsletter

Let’s not forget about growing and nurturing your email list! We’ll send out the value-packed blog post to your subscribers, either summarised or with a link that drives traffic back to your site.

4. Social Media Posts Captions

We’ll pick out smaller sections from your blog and transform them into four captions for Instagram (or your preferred social media channel) that drive engagement and foster connection.

5. Social Media Graphics

We’ll design your beautifully branded creatives.

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