HubSpot CRM Setup + Onboarding


This package includes:

  • Analyse your website and marketing strategy
  • Setup your HubSpot CRM
  • Import your customer list database
  • Custom dashboard setup to track marketing, sales and revenue in real time.
  • Website integration to track new and returning leads and buyer behaviour
  • Email account integration to send emails to buyer leads
  • Google and Facebook ads account integration
  • Training for Marketing, Sales and Service Team  via Zoom
  • Live chat integration
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  • United States dollar ($) - USD
  • Pound sterling (£) - GBP

Here is what I’ll do:

✅ I’ll import your database

✅ Customize the dashboard to track marketing, sales and revenue in real time, so you can use it for staff meeting.

✅ Integrate Hubspot with your website to track incoming leads and source.

✅ Set it up so your sales team can send and receive emails directly from it and track open rates.

✅ Integrate it with your Google and Facebook ads account, so you can track your customers buying journey and know which ad is driving leads and revenue. No more “any where belle face” type of ads

It’s time to know whether your marketing campaign is worth paying for or it’s time to scrap it totally with Hubspot CRM.

I will also spend one day to train your marketing, sales and customer service team on how to use Hubspot CRM effectively to meet your company’s goals.

Venue is NOT a problem. There’s Zoom meeting.

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This HubSpot CRM Setup + Onboarding can be yours for only ₦60,000.
If you have any questions, ask us.