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8-Day Sales Funnel 'Doing' Workshop

Turn your Sales Funnel To-Do list into a DONE list under the guidance of Caroline Wabara for ₦70,000


Sept 7 - 22, 2023 | Thursday - Saturdays


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Google Meet + Video Recording


Caroline Wabara

Developing an irresistible offer, creating your marketing & sales strategy, writing sales page, ads & email copy, building your sales funnel, and launching your campaign... Put all that in the rear-view!

Come to our Marketing Funnel Masterclass and learn everything you need to know on how to scale your online sales exponentially with marketing funnel!

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Events TimeTable: At the 8-Day 'Doing' Workshop you will..

Day 1 - Starting from  04:00 PM 

Documenting Your Digital Strategy & Buyer Personas

Day 2 - Starting from  04:00 PM 

Mapping Out Your Marketing Funnel and offer

Day 3 - Starting from  04:00 PM 

Write your landing pages, social media posts, paid ad, blog post & email sequence

Day 4 - Starting from  04:00 PM 

Creating Your Lead Magnet

Day 5 - Starting from  04:00 PM 

Build your landing pages

Day 6 - Starting from  04:00 PM 

Set up your email sequence

Day 7 - Starting from  04:00 PM 

Design your promotion graphics

Day 8 - Starting from  04:00 PM 


That’s right, you’ll walk away having written your lead magnet, written your landing page AND written your email autoresponder (marketing funnel).

Justify this workshop

(to your boss)

Here’s a Justify Your Attendance (Email Template) you can use to help justify attending the workshop.  Simply copy and paste it into an email to your boss!


What past attendees have said

"Boss that birthday package is loaded, all the info there is what I need to do my marketing in a systematic way and sell my real estate offers. I also love the Mantrac Case Study. I can relate with it. Can’t wait to purchase your Marketing Funnel Service."

Alex Ogungbile


“Very eye opening. It is such an easy blueprint to follow. It just made the whole concept easier for me as a beginner. What else could I have asked for? Thanks a lot madam I will always invest in what you have to offer if I have the money.”

Victor Ojeme


"Hello Caroline, thank you! I haven't written a single sales email in months! God bless you for the email templates."

Abimbola Umozurike


It's Ideal For You If:

You have NOT yet done your digital strategy, lead magnet, landing page and your email & WhatsApp marketing funnels done. 

Here’s a reader response that sparked the idea for this workshop:

“I’ve reached the conclusion that I need deadlines, and want trainers in the flesh. As great as your online course is, I want it in a classroom.”

So this will be an 8-day “doing” but not a “technical” workshop.

What I mean by this is, it’s for non-techies, like me and you.

We’ll get the high level and important content created, and then I’ll help you delegate the technical tasks to your team.

And if you don't have a team I recommend using Wab Digital who can do all these techie tasks for you!

I propose teaching you what you need to do in-person AND we’ll actually DO IT in the workshop.

I’ll teach you but most importantly I’ll be there to give feedback and help you get it DONE on the day.

This 7 day workshop is perfect for product marketing managers, financial advisors, brand managers, real estate agents, facility managers, lawyers, accountants, farmers, interior designers, Travel Agents, Network Marketers, Solar Power Engineers, Power Generation, Fashion shop owners, Trainees, Agric Investment, and consultants..

Hi, I'm Caroline Wabara

10 years of digital marketing experience to help your business grow
Consulted over 100 businesses in 2015 – 2023
Trained & mentored in Lagos, Nigeria
I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria but work with businesses around the world.
I’ll keep myself and your team accountable to make sure we’ll get your job done.

"Hello Caroline, thank you! I haven't written a single sales email in months! God bless you for the email templates."

Abimbola Umozurike


Bonus Gifts

Pre-Built Waitlis Funnel Pack


Save time & money building funnels that won’t work for your business by using tested & proven Sales Funnel Roadmap, Landing Page Copy & Design, Follow-up Email Sequence Copy, Paid Ads copy, etc that worked for my clients.

waitlist funnel pack
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Hi there. Welcome to Wab Digital. Let me know if I can help you with Sales Funnel Workshop. Can I ask your name? This is Caroline by the way.

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