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wab digital anniversary sale live

Wab Digital Clocks 5 Years Old

Wab Digital clocks 5 years old today. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Still, remember how I jumped for joy when my preferred company name (WAB DIGITAL) was approved by CAC in 2016.

My tax consultant handled the entire process.

The next thing I did was buy my domain name.

Then slapped a coming soon page with a Calendly booking form on it.

Clients still went ahead to book a call even though the website wasn’t ready.

We finally had time to design and develop the website last year.

Launched it this year.

Back then, I didn’t have money to register my company with CAC.

So my tax consultant did a trade-by-barter with me.

I design and develop his accounting services website while he registers my company name.

He advised me to register LTD instead of a business name. I haven’t regretted that decision.

Today, my company will be 5 years old.

5 years of going legit and paying taxes. 🤣

5 years of serving big and small companies. 💯

So, let’s celebrate my not failing at entrepreneurship together! 🎉

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I just spent the last few days compiling a bunch of my best-selling guides, checklists, software, email courses and worksheets for small business owners that are trying to start and grow their own marketing funnel online.

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I tried to make an offer so good that everyone is asking why I’m sharing all these for almost FREE.

Here’s a list of some of the training and courses you’ll have instant access to, and what I’ve previously sold them for:

✅ 14-Page Marketing Funnel Planner + Fillable Worksheet + Email Template (attendees paid N50,000 per live seat)

✅ Google Ads Creation Video Checklist (previously sold for N5,000)

✅ How To Target Business Owners With Facebook Ads + Video Tutorial (previously sold for N5,000)

✅ Landing Page Copy Template + Fillable Worksheet + Copywriting Software (attendees paid N50,000 per live seat)

✅ WhatsApp Sales Funnel Guide (attendees paid N6,500 per live seat)

✅ Premium Landing Page Builder for WordPress + Design Video Tutorial (members paid N80,000 to attend)

✅ Account-Based Targeting Guide For LinkedIn B2B Sales (Script + Worksheet) (previously sold for N6,500 during the COVID pandemic)

✅ 90-Day DIY Copywriting Challenge members paid N15,000 to attend)

…. And the list continues.

The last time this opportunity came up was in 2019.

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  1. Well done! I’ve always known you to be an accomplisher.
    I ve missed so many chances in the past few years of becoming a business owner. Am ready to start from the beginning.

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