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Waitlist Funnel Launch: My Recommended Tools And Tech Stack

People have asked me in the past…

“Caroline, what tools did you use for your Waitlist Funnel Launch?”

My Tech Stack includes:

✅ Brizy Landing Page Builder

✅ WooCommerce + Paystack

✅ MailChimp for WooCommerce plugin: So I can tag buyers inside Mailchimp, send Abandoned shopping cart emails, and set up Google/Facebook retargeting campaigns to reach everyone on my email list.

✅ WhatsApp status and BBN SMS for follow-up reminders.

✅ HubSpot for WooCommerce plugin for tracking all my campaigns and sales on a single dashboard.

✅ Google Analytics for WooCommerce plugin: To track website visits, leads and sales.

✅ Asana for project management and team collaboration.

✅ Marketplan for mapping out my Waitlist funnel roadmap. See screenshot below

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Is your birthday or company anniversary coming soon? Are you planning a product launch soon?

Wish you had a working marketing strategy you could copy and paste to attract ready buyer leads on that special day?

You need to deploy the Waitlist Funnel Strategy.

Get the working ads, landing pages, launch plan, targeting strategies, pre-built Asana project plan, landing page builder software, Winning emails, SMS Scripts, influencer script…

EVERYTHING I used to acquire 500 Eager Customers, Sold N3 Million Naira and earned N1 million Naira in monthly recurring revenue in 2021. Get the Waitlist Funnel Pack today.

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