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Now You Can Attract Interested Buyers To Sign Up For Your Upcoming Product Launch Using This Waitlist Funnel Pack

Get the working ads, landing pages, launch plan, targeting strategies, follow up email sequences, influencer script… EVERYTHING I used to acquire 500 Eager Customers, Sold N3 Million Naira and earned N1 million Naira in monthly recurring revenue last year.

waitlist funnel pack

How We Built A 500 Buyer List And Got Repeat Business in 2021 - 2023 With The Pre-launch Waitlist Funnel Pack

In 2021, my agency – WAB DIGITAL – clocked 5 years old, and I wanted to do something to celebrate while selling at the same time.

So I thought of converting l all the processes I use to launch marketing campaigns for clients into a digital product so that many people will buy. 

That gave birth to the Marketing Funnel Bundle.

Then I thought of building a marketing system that would get many people excited about it and scream “Take My Money!”

I thought of no other funnel that will help me achieve this feat than the Waitlist Funnel Roadmap.

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With the Waitlist Funnel, I was able to:

set my revenue goal, create my low-cost product, create an upsell, build my sales pages, create the follow up email series, write my SMS scripts, social media posts, Facebook ads copy, and write an influencer invite outreach script. I love to plan every detail and view it on a board as a project manager.

After building the Waitlist Funnel System, I made the announcement on social media and people started raising up their hands by entering my sales funnel in large numbers.

The end result?

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  • Over 500 buyer leads that joined the waitlist
  • N3 million NGN revenue
  • 3 niche influencers agreed to push my product to their audience (my ideal customers).
  • 3 long-term customers who pay for my monthly signature service.
  • The same clients sent 3 more referrals for my expensive services.
  • Those referrals turned into repeat customers. 

All these goodies from that single Waitlist Funnel Launch in 2021.

Today I want to give you the Waitlist Funnel Pack that is worth ₦1 million for just ₦50,000 only.

This is your opportunity to get access to the exact sales funnel, working ads, landing pages, launch plan, follow up email sequences, and influencer invite scripts that were used to generate over 300 customers and sell over N3 million worth of products and services in just a few days.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You Will Access Inside The Wait List Funnel Pack:

waitlist funnel pack
  • Predesigned Wait List Landing page to get interested buyers to sign up in advance (350,000 Value)
  • Pre-written sales page copy (200,000 Value)
  • Predesigned Sales Page
  • Ad Copy That Converts (150,000 Value)
  • Follow Up Email Copy That Converts (150,000 Value)
  • Inbound SMS Script That Converts (50,000 Value)
  • Influencer Invite Script

Total Value: 1,000,000

Yours Today for Only ₦50,000 LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Got Questions About The Pre-launch Waitlist Funnel Pack? We Have Answers Below

How Much Is The Waitlist Funnel Pack?
  • For limited time, you can get this Waitlist funnel pack for ₦50,000. The price goes up soon. So hurry and buy now.
Will I Get This Funnel Pack Instantly?
  • Yes you will have sent straight to your inbox. Go ahead and pay now before the price goes up to N50,000.
Do I Need A Domain Name & Hosting For This?
  • Yes you do. If you don't have one, I recommend syskay.com website hosting and domain registration. Been using them for over 10 years
What if I don't have a business?
  • This offer is for those who already have an exciting and irresistible offer. Know their target audience and ready to target them.
Can This Waitlist Funnel Pack Work For Me?
  • This offer is for you if you sell digital products, training, e-commerce, or services and you plan to launch a new offer in the market to early birds before opening to the public.
What is a Waitlist Funnel?
  • The pre-launch waitlist sales funnel is a lead generation/sales funnel that is used to help companies launch their products online. The sales funnel consists of 5 stages: (1) the start, (2) the invite, (3) the pre-launch, (4) the engagement, and (5) the launch.
  • A waitlist sales funnel is a prospect list that contains people who are waiting for access to a special deal. It’s a funnel that goes into the bottom and people wait to be placed in it.
  • The key to successful pre-launch waitlist creation is making sure you have created a compelling offer.
  • In summary, the reason you should use a "waitlist" is because it allows you to build the trust and authority of your audience before you officially launch your product.
  • People on a waitlist are likely to be more interested in buying or trying your product, so they're ideal prospects, but it takes work to get them there. You need to provide value and build an audience, but it's well-worth the work.
  • That's why we created this pre-built Waitlist Funnel Pack for you to launch your product using a winning checklist and templates that has worked us and our clients.
Is This A Done-For-You Service?
  • No, it is a do it yourself pack complete with video tutorials, landing page builder you can import and customize to suit your brand messaging. Plus email, SMS, ads and social media script.
After buying this, do I need to pay for anything else?
  • You will have to pay for your email marketing automation software, Facebook and Google ads, SMS service provider and influencer marketing.
Does it contain a video guide?
  • Yes, there's video tutorial inside on how to import the waitlist funnel roadmap, and import the landing pages to your website.
How much will it cost for you to build my Waitlist Funnel For Me?
  • It will cost ₦600,000 to build your Waitlist Funnel and set up the backend tools, strategy and system for you to launch your campaign.
  • Click to learn more about our conversion funnel service here.
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Hi there. Welcome to Wab Digital. Let me know if I can help you with Waitlist Funnel Pack. Can I ask your name? This is Caroline by the way.

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